Introducing our Beautiful Australian Shepherds, they are first and foremost our family pets/companions first, Then our show dogs and lastly, we occasionally have litters of well thought out puppies.

I'm trying to hold my breath Let it stay this way
Can't let this moment end
You set off a dream in me
Getting louder now
Can you hear it echoing?

All the shine of a thousand spotlights
All the stars we steal from the nightsky
Will never be enough.....

Our Story.......
My Love of this incredible breed (& Agility) started in 1999, When my sister Tiria & I, would watch "Zig and Zag, an Alpha Dog Challenge" on Animal Planet. 3 Years Later, I acquired, "Vaga", (Pronounced "Vega") an Australian Shepherd, Blue Heeler & Border Collie Mix. We did everything, 4H, Flyball, Frisbee and my absolute favorite Agility! It was during this time, I decided that my next dog, would absolutely be registered, just so more venues would be opened to us, Agility, Obedience Trials etc. Plus it would be nice to know family history as well.

Fast forward to 2012, After Tiria was done with her very successful 4H Career, She got a Gorgeous Blue Belton English Setter Bitch puppy, named "Cheza" (now GCH Benmers Blue My Mind RN), and in 2013 She started Showing in the AKC Conformation Ring, and I was introduced to the wonderful world of Dog Showing, it was at this time, I made an adjustment to my "Wish List" in my next dog, whatever new dog, I happened to get, I wanted it to be Show Quality, an "All Around" prospect, a dog that was sound in structure, Pretty, that would be competitive enough for the Conformation Ring and later on, in the Performance arena.

In 2015, Tiria pointed me in the direction, of Pat Zapf with Shadomoon Kennel, and I instantly fell in love with her Black Tri Bitch "Corona" (CH Goldcrests Too Buzz'd too Concentrate), and I wanted one out of her, but there was no available puppies from her litter, I was bummed but figured there should be more litters in the future. Right before the English Setter National, in Ohio, We were contacted by Pat, about an available show puppy, from Corona's LAST Litter, Eric said yes! I had the money and a ride with Tiria back home! Everything fell together, so my long awaited DREAM Australian Shepherd was finally a reality!

We named our wonderful new addition "Yue" (pronounced "U-A") as in "Princess Yue" from Avatar the Last Air Binder, Which is also Chinese for " Moon", because of her Blue Merle coloring, for her registered name it had to have the word "Buzz" in it, at first I thought "Buzz Kill" since she was part of the "Drunken Litter", but didn't like the sound of that, Tiria thought of the name Buzzinga, (like Bazinga, from the Big Bang Theory), just a change of spelling. After Yue settled in, we spent the next few months enjoying the puppy stage, training and prepping her, for her show ring debut.

On February 11, 2016, at 6 months, 4 days old, with Tiria at the lead, Yue made her Show Ring Debut, at the Plum Creek Australian Shepherd Specialty, First Winning her Sweeps Class, Beating 15 other puppies. Then Winning her 6 -9 month Class, Winners Bitch and ending the day going BEST OF WINNERS, beating out at least 50 Class Dogs and Bitches, for a Huge 4 Point (1 Shy of a 5 point) Specialty Major, Even Beating the Professional Handlers. We knew she was nice, but we hadn't realized How NICE, She was until that moment. Yue went on to have an Exciting Show Career as a Class Bitch, with 21 Class Wins, 4 second Place Finishes, 8 Reserve Winners, 9 WB, 4 BOWs, 1 Best of Opposite, 1 Breed Win and a Group Placement, Yue Finished her Championship the way she went in, at a Specialty, beating out 26 Class Bitches for a 5 Point Major in AZ, to say her show career has been thrilling is a understatement!

After her Victory in Arizona, We started planning for her first litter of Puppies, and the Kennel name/Prefix was decided, it had to be something special with meaning, and "NiYu" was decided upon, it is the first two letters of my first 2 AKC Registered dogs' names, "Ni" as in Nitro and "Yu" as in Yue. We are honored to start this adventure, with such an amazing bitch.

On June 20th, 2019 We Welcomed our very first, and so far only Litter, the "Greek Myths", co/bred with Pat Zapf, and made possible by Hannah Davis. I can't thank them enough, for all of their help and mentoring.

What's next?
The Greek Myths are now mostly off to their new homes, they went to Oregon, Utah and we even have one heading Down Under to Australia!! Plus we have kept & Co/owned a couple to Show & Enjoy. Starting in January the First of them will start making their Show ring debuts, and Yue will enter the ring for the first time as a SPECIAL!!!!

Stay Tuned....... There are bound to be Lots more exciting Stuff coming up!!!