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2018 Mare Lineup!
We had a Rough 2017 With The Loss of three Foals, One at Full Gestation and the Others at day 88 and another at 4 Months.
These are the ones Currently still in Foal, as of 01/14/2018.

Just a warning if Starlet has a Filly, She is MINE! All Mine!!! if its another boy, you could Probably Talk me out of him, Maybe...... Bottom Line I am Overdue for Starlet to Give me a Filly. This Foal will be N/N for the Full ACAN Panel, Since Both Starlet & Drifter are Negative for the Full ACAN Panels themselves. This Foal is a Repeat of my favorite Pairing, Everytime I have Crossed my Vegas Daughters on Drifter, The Results have been incredible, Show Quality Everytime, I almost Consider them to be a Exclusive Crossing. This is our ONLY Drifter Foal for 2018, We Sadly, lost the Other two :/ a colt and a filly.
Old Stage Bit of Vegas in the Buff
2007 AMHA/AMHR Buckskin DUN 31.25"
Homozygous for Black
Zephyr Woods Cash Money
2009 AMHA/AMHR Bay Pinto 28"
2012 AMHR National Champion 28" and Under Sr Stallion
2012 AMHR NATIONAL ALL-STARS TOP FIVE (4th) Aged Stallion, 3 & Older - 30" & UNDER
Grand Champion, Reserve Grand Champion
Breeding Dates: May 10th, 12th & 13th Due: April 8, 2018

FULL SIBLING to Desert Realms I'm Money!!!!!

3/4 Sibling to Desert Realms A Dream of Spring, & Boomerang.

Maternal Sibling to Desert Realms Against the Odds
Paternal Sibling to Desert Realms Money to Burn, For Love Or Money, A Song of Ice & Fire, Oath Keeper, Kissed by Fire & Keyoshi Warrior.
Possible Colors: Bay, Buckskin, Zebra Dun or Buckskin with or without White Markings!

Im Super excited about this Foal, Should be one of our very First Foals, for our World Top Three Halter Champion RFM Amir's Al Sadeek! I'm Also Excited to see it, because I think Sadeek, Should Cross Exceptionally Well with my "Fire Line" and Hopefully Produce Exceptional Show Quality Foals.
Desert Realms Bejeweled Design
2009 AMHA/AMHR Blue Eyed Sorrel Pinto 30.75"
Home Grown :)
Ember is Homozygous for Splashed White & Positive for Tobiano
RFM Amir Al Sadeek
2013 AMHA/AMHR Bay Roan 31.5"
World Top Three Halter Champion
Breeding Dates: June 5th & 7th, 2017 Due: May 3, 2018

Paternal Sibling to, Magic Mist Midnight Sun, Shahzad & Malika
Maternal Sibling to Desert Realms For Love or Money & Kissed by Fire
Possible Colors: Red/White, Bay/White, Black/White, Blue Roan/White, Bay Roan/White or Strawberry Roan/White

This will be a Third Generation "Desert Realm" and Drifter's First Grand Baby, One of Sadeek's First Foals for us, and......... This will be a Great Grand Child for our Matriarch "Sapphire" so 4 Generations! VERY Exciting Stuff, and you Probably Guessed it, if it is a Filly will Probably not be going anywhere! ;) Watch Me Get ALL BOYS This Year.
Desert Realms For Love or Money
2014 AMHA/AMHR Sorrel Pinto 31.25"
RFM Amir Al Sadeek
2013 AMHA/AMHR Bay Roan 31.5"
World Top Three Halter Champion
Breeding Dates: June 2md, 4th, 6th & 8th, 2017 Due: May 4, 2018

Paternal Sibling to Magic Mist Midnight Sun, Shahzad & Malika

Possible Colors: Enya is homozygous for Tobiano. Red Pinto, Black Pinto, Bay (Brown) Pinto, Strawberry Roan Pinto, Bay Roan Pinto or Blue Roan Pinto.

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