We do not take breeding lightly. When we breed, we breed for ourselves first and foremost with the intention of keeping a puppy from the litter. We do not breed to simply produce puppies. We take great pride in our puppies and carefully screen all potential future homes. Aussies are a 12-15 year commitment and as a breeder it is our responsibility to place each puppy in the right home. When placing puppies we determine each individual puppy's placement according to the specific puppy's temperament, goals for the puppy, lifestyle of the owner and experience with the breed. We do NOT allow buyers to choose which puppy they would like from the litter, this often leads to a poor match between dog and owner. Puppies are not placed based strictly on color or gender, and although we will try our best to accommodate, temperament is the most important factor when placing companion puppies. While we accept color and gender preferences, we do not place a puppy based on these attributes alone. Each puppy is matched to the home that we feel will best fit that individual puppy and the goals you have for your new family member.When matching puppies with owners we do not begin making final decisions about which homes individual puppies go to until 8-9 weeks of age. This is so overall health, temperament, structure, and movement can be clearly evaluated.

All of our puppies are AKC/ASCA registered, and are reared in our home, and they are loved on, and obsessed over, from the beginning of their lives. The ongoing joke is they go to their new homes "pre-spoiled". We don't have litters very often, and with the few that we have had, We have had winning show dogs, and wonderful companions that reside coast to coast, and overseas. International Inquiries are welcome, and we have experience in exporting to Australia.

*~*Available Puppies*~*
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All of our puppies have found wonderful homes, Thank you for your interest.
Not currently anticipating a litter in 2024